Does singing make you happy

Written by: Miss Hannah, DN Theatre Vocal Teacher

Does singing really make you happy?

We all have our own thing that makes us happy and clears our head a little. For me it’s singing. I get ridiculously happy when I have time to sing for myself. Whether it’s an hour of singing songs I have performed, what feels like a million times, or hitting goals and reaching ‘that’ note that I’ve been working towards. No matter how small the achievement may seem, if I’m singing, I’m happy.

Here are a few of the reasons that I genuinely believe singing makes you happy:

1. Breathing

Everyday we breath, obviously. We need breath to stay alive but we very rarely take the time to acknowledge how important breathing is for our body. Singing gives us a chance to appreciate our breath. We become in control of our breathing and body when we sing. Controlled breathing in singing is much like the process of breath used in yoga. It gives your breath a purpose and focus, whilst at the same time clearing the mind and body. A few deep breaths in a quiet space with help to un fog any mind.

2. Confidence

Singing and listening to music helps transport us all to different places in our mind. Gaining confidence through singing does not mean that you must stand on a stage in front of hundreds of people. If like me, you are happiest at home with your slippers on, then your confidence could simply come from standing in your home allowing yourself to hear your own voice for the first time.

Here is a great vocal warm-up for you:

3. Common language

When you are singing you are following a melody, a note pattern that is specific to that song. Anyone that sings that song does the same. It gives us a common language that you can share. A love and understanding for a song or piece of music is something that we can use to communicate across any barriers.

4. Vocal Health

We speak every day meaning whether you are a singer or not, your voice is constantly being used. Good vocal health is key to keeping going. Our voice, in many ways is our identity, if we keep that happy and healthy it helps our body, as a whole, thrive. At the start of the day having a quick warm up routine will set you up for success. You wouldn’t run a marathon without stretching, we need to apply the same concept to our voice. A quick 5-10 minute warm up is all the voice needs to get started. Much like warming up, the voice also needs to cool down. After you have finished singing or speaking for the day, it is essential to reset your voice and allow those hard working muscles to relax.

5. Be unique

Yes, songs are written in a way for us to follow them and try to recreate them but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them yours. Singing allows us to explore our voice and find what works for us. Find your own style, your happy place. Sing the song the way you want it. Write your own song. Have time to be you.

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